Chase County Kansas
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Chase County Kansas

Chase County sites
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14CS415 14MP467 alternately beveled knife.jpg 14MP467 bison teeth.jpg 14MP467 bone and sand tempered sherd.jpg 14MP467 coiled sherd with punctates.jpg 14MP467 flake with blunted edges.jpg 14MP467 Fresno points.jpg 14MP467 incised sherd.jpg 14MP467 mystery ceramic object.jpg 14MP467 shell-tempered sherds.jpg 14MP467 side scraper.jpg 14MP467 Simple stamped sherd.jpg 14MP467 smoothed over simple stamped sherd.jpg 14MP467 snapped end scrapers.jpg 14MP467 thin black rim.jpg 14MP467 unifacial beveled knives.jpg 14MP467 Unifacial flake knives.jpg

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